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Aasne Daniels

Respect for the Individual


Outpatient Imaging Center Offers All Patients Compassionate Care During Cancer Diagnoses

Aasne Daniels has been the picture of health. Between co-owning a local yoga studio and acting in community theatre, the slender 40-year-old stays active.

She went in for her first mammogram in early 2010 expecting a clean bill of health. "I had never really even thought about getting one before that," she says. At age 39, she was a year ahead of schedule when many doctors recommend that women receive an annual mammogram.

When her doctor explained that the results were "worrisome," she was caught by surprise. After all, breast cancer didn’t even run in her family.

"I thought I was too young and healthy to get cancer," Aasne says. "But after the initial shock you just buckle down and do what you need to do."

Aasne is co-owner of Ahh Yoga in Springfield. Her theater work includes a one-woman show, "The Yellow Wallpaper" – the story of a woman in the late 1800s suffering from post-partum depression, whose husband locks her away.

After the mammogram at Springfield Clinic, Aasne was sent to Memorial Medical Center’s Outpatient Imaging Center at Baylis for an ultrasound-guided biopsy, which confirmed that she had breast cancer. "They called me the very next day," she recalls.

About a week later, Aasne returned to the Baylis Building, just west of the main hospital, for an MRI and another ultrasound to ensure that her other breast was healthy. It was. Two days later, she had a nuclear bone scan and CT scan in the hospital’s main building to see if cancer might have spread to her bones or other organs. It had not.

Throughout those tests, the "people at Memorial really took the time to treat me with respect and consideration," Aasne recalls.

Barely two weeks after her biopsy, she had a mastectomy at Memorial Medical Center. That was followed by eight rounds of chemo – one every two weeks – and four more weeks of radiation treatment. While her outlook appears good, she’s in a waiting game to see if the cancer resurfaces.

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